My faith can move mountains!

And Jesus said unto them, “…for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.” (Matthew 17:20)

What do I stand for? I believe it is only fitting to explain a few things before I begin.

First and foremost, I accept the Holy Bible as 100% truth, written by men who were trusted by God to preserve exactly what He wants us to know about living for Him in this world as we know it, including the consideration that we were and are all still in our mortal bodies; bodies that were conceived with the sinful human nature, and from which we strive to remain faithful unto the redemption and perfection of glorification through the sacrifices of Jesus Christ during His sojourn among us. I totally believe that Jesus Christ came to earth to provide a way to heaven for us by giving Himself, then overcoming death by rising again. It is the voice of satan (I use the small letter before his name because I do not want to even give him the respect of capitalizing it.), the deceiver, that would plant doubt and attempt to add to or take away from the Holy Word, so I reject his voice and attempt to remain true to the only resource I have for knowing what God wants me to know.

I am a Christian. No, I do not support any kind of “organized” religion or denomination, but my life and beliefs are founded on the Holy Bible. My very existence is based on trusting in the Promises of God preserved within that Bible, and trying to live my life according to the commands He recorded there.

“My Faith Can Move Mountains” is completely faith-based. I accept no arguments about philosophies, no so-called scriptural debates, no discussion about “alternative” religions…period. Neither do I make any apologies for taking this stand. My life is too short and there are too many naysayers available for me to bother wasting any time considering anything else. If you do not feel the same way as I do about this, you are welcome to find another page to view. I can allow you the freedom to believe what you choose to believe. However, in the same way, I ask that you also allow me that freedom.

I only read the King James and New International versions of the Bible. Why do I choose these two versions to study from? I know that many people believe and accept nothing other than the original (English) authorized version of the King James Bible. Some are so adamant about it that they tend to ignore the fact that the original Old Testament texts were written in Hebrew and New Testament texts were written in Greek, not English, which means even the King James Version was a translation. The ancient English found in the KJV, that “thou”, “thee”, “hath”, etc., were normal, everyday language at the time of the KJV translation. This is simply the oldest translation into English that is available to us, and that alone doesn’t necessarily make it any better or more accurate. I personally enjoy reading the New International Version. Of the many versions available, I trust it the most for accuracy because its origins lie in the use of the oldest available manuscripts by modern-day translators to give us the best possible accuracy in an English such as we speak today. I merely defer, so to speak, to comparing the two versions, in my own attempt to gain my best understanding of exactly what the message’s intent is because I do feel every verse is preserved for a purpose, and it is our responsibility to discover that purpose. I also choose to include the King James Version for the benefit of those who would not consider my studies truly Scriptural if they were not presented.

What are my credentials or the authority by which I speak? I have been a Christian who has been one of God’s children for over sixty years. I have had access to both the so-called wisdom of mortal interpreters and the solitude of holding only a Bible in my hands. I have been indoctrinated with denominational religious beliefs, and have drawn away into the solitude of doing everything possible to cleanse my mind of those teachings in an attempt to see the true meaning of the Scriptures as they appear before my eyes. I hold no special degrees, but neither do I have any respect for them. Throughout the ages, God has used simple people to speak to and through, I feel as though I am one of the simple people. It is my prayer that my very simplicity will be the tool God will be able to use to impart His truths in these studies.

If you are like-minded and accept the Bible as having been written for us by men who were inspired by God, I hope you will enjoy returning to read the things I feel led to leave here for you. Welcome!